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I move root of atos from slow to root[edit]

MapDesigner (talk) 17:35, 21 December 2016 (UTC)

This and all associated pages desperately needs an update[edit]

Shackles: doesn't need a special mention. It's a stun. The only difference is the required channeling, but that's rather a casting type.

Pause: Non-existant in Dota2. Chronosphere is just a stun. All other spells which pause in DotA1 don't do anything related in Dota2. I suggest changing this to "Hide": affected units are temporarely gone from the map, so that nothing can interact with them for the duration. Hidden units are usually invulnerable for the duration so that dots dont hurt. examples: snowball, phase shift, disruption

Entangle and Ensnare: The only difference is, entangles disarm. So just name them all ensnares and put Frost Bite and Overgrowth a mention in disarms.

Mute: It basically is a silence for items. Since no spells disable passives anymore, except for aghs doom, it's not really worth giving it an own category.

Sleep: Has some aspects of ensnares. Affected units cannot use blinks (gives can't cast while rooted message).

New category: Position changing effects (needs a better name): Description of position changing things e.g. meat hook or force staff and their interactions with each other (generally, last one overrides previous ones.)