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Invis Jungling[edit]

'An advanced jungling tactic involves Smoke of Deceit. By combining it with Ion Shell, Dark Seer can jungle without taking any damage from creeps, as the only thing that removes the invisibility is proximity to an enemy hero or attacking a unit. Dark Seer can stack a single camp multiple times this way, cast Ion Shell on himself, pop Smoke, and stand at the camp until the creeps have been killed. Because of the steep cost of Smoke, it is advised that players do not use it without stacking camps first. As of the July 26th patch neutrals will now run away when attacked by an invisible enemy, players can still choose to use this method of jungling by chasing the creeps while invisible or casting on a weak neutral but the method will be far less efficient compared to before.'

That was the 26th July 2012 patch, so after nearly 3 years I think it's due a rewrite. I'll knock up what I can but I'd like someone to check it 11:03, 14 May 2015 (UTC)