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From this article:

"Crystal Maiden is most often played as her team's hard support, babysitting her safe lane carry and purchasing the support items for her team. Because she does not require farm in order to be effective, she can afford to spend most of a match with few items more than basic boots and a Town Portal Scroll."

(emphasis mine)

Is it true though?

Doesn't CM really want Glimmer Cape at least, preferably paired with BKB for her ult? Otherwise exeuting it effectively is pretty hard.

And doesn't CM's kit facilite that, more than some other supps' kits? Her W allows her to get some gold from the jungle and her lv 15 talent explicitely grants her gold - it seems as if she was intentionally balanced to allow her getting a little more farm than some other pos 5s (hinting that she might need it)

EDIT: Also: This edit removed Sentries from her item suggestions (while still keeping observers). Why? Aren't sentries a necessity for any supp, CM including?