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Drunken Haze Usefulness[edit]

Drunken Haze is way more useful that the article states, 75% miss chance is amazing versus hero's such as Ursa or Drow Ranger because these heroes posses such fight changing abilities. I've used this on Ursa's when they hit Fury Swipes and it can save a ally from taking HUGE damage because Ursa misses so much.

Hero In next update?[edit]

"Trouble's brewing" -Dota 2 blog This confirms him for the next update almost, any thoughts?

He was just added to the test game, should be in the main game in 24 hours. - Nickoladze 23:36, 18 April 2012 (UTC)


Although Brewmaster is listed in-game as a Carry, that clearly is not his optimal role. Should it be changed or kept here? SnowCanary 02:04, 19 April 2012 (UTC)

We've decided to overhaul the roles on all heroes and go with exactly what Valve specifies. If they change Brewmaster's tomorrow for release, it will be changed. Should be an initiator or tank, to be honest. - Nickoladze 02:23, 19 April 2012 (UTC)

Earth's Pulverize[edit]

Does it really have physical damage type? In WC3 and World Editor pulverize has not physical damage type. (

Attack Range of spirits?[edit]

It should be added.

Perma Immolation showing as 10 instead of 20/40/60[edit]

Not really sure how to fix this. When I click to edit it shows "perma immolation wrapper" and some other stuff. No idea where the info is actually stored