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Suggestion to add in recommended heroes: Timbersaw, Storm Spirit, Zeus and Tinker since it's impossible to edit this part of page by myself. Thanks in advance!

This hasn't been a recommended item for Rubick in longer than I can remember (years). There are more useful items that offer the same/better utility for him, just not as much regen.

A few confusing points[edit]

1. Spell amplification is not mentioned in the text, and the only time it is mentioned is in the active ability's description - where it is called "Spell Amp". Can it at least be a hypertext? Or is hypertext not used in ability descriptions? I would also suggest giving calculations of baseline (at 14 stacks) mana regeneration and spell amplification - those are separate from the non-ability bonuses, right?
2. The +100% Mana regen amplification is mentioned twice - once in the non-ability characteristics, the other time in the ability description. It may be confusing.--Adunaii (talk) 00:16, 4 May 2020 (UTC)