Sword of the Colossus

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Sword of the Colossus
Cosmetic icon Sword of the Colossus.png
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Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Weapon

In ages past, long before the settlements in the Azuran region were abandoned to ruin, the Odobenus forebearers harnessed the powers of rock, root, and iron to create fearsome guardians to watch over the tombs of their fallen legions even after the memories of their deeds had passed from the world. Little did they know the raw stone materials they'd utilized in one such creation also contained a powerful life force of its own, one not content to sit idly waiting for the threats of the outlands to arrive--one who would venture forth to stand watch over all lands in need of protection.
Created By
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Majesty of the Colossus
Majesty Of The Colossus - Pebble
Majesty Of The Colossus - Cobble
Majesty Of The Colossus - Boulder
Majesty Of The Colossus - Monolith
Sword of the Colossus


Customization Type Preview
  • Pre-Attack
  • Attack
Tree Grab Sound
  • Grab
Tree Throw Sound
  • Target
  • Throw
Tree Volley Sound
  • Channel

Ability Icons[edit]

Tree Grab Tree Throw Tree Volley
Majesty of the Colossus Tree Grab icon.png Majesty of the Colossus Tree Throw icon.png Majesty of the Colossus Tree Volley icon.png

Set Items[edit]