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Stun is a status effect that prevents active actions like moving, turning, using spells or items, but does not prevent passive abilities, such as evasion and Damage Block. Stuns also interrupt spell casts, channeling spells and attacks.

Many spells cause stuns, which makes them effective for stopping and killing enemy heroes. Stuns also allow for easier escapes as they temporarily prevent the enemy from pursuing. It is usually considered to be the strongest disable, which is why most stuns do not last for more than a few seconds.

Sources of stun[edit]


Mini-stuns are similar to stuns. They disable enemies, but for extremely short periods of time. Whereas a regular stun may last a second or more, mini-stuns only last for fractions of a second. Like stuns, they interrupt spell casts, making them effective for stopping enemy abilities.

Mini-stuns are applied by: