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This article or section contains content that has been removed from the game or store. It exists solely for archival purposes.

A Strange Modifier is a rare tool that can be found by opening certain chests. They can be applied once to strange items to allow the tracking of additional statistics (this process consumes the modifier). A maximum of 3 additional strange modifiers can be applied to a single strange item. Applying these modifiers does not override the original tracked statistic.

In some cases a statistic tracked by a strange modifier applies only to a specific hero. In these cases the modifier can only be applied to strange items usable by that specific hero.

Active Strange Modifiers[edit]

Strange Modifier Tag Required Availability
Godlikes Treasure Chests Series # 3
Towers Destroyed
Gold Earned Treasure Chests Series # 4
Gold Spent
First Blood Treasure Chests Series # 5
Wards Placed
Track Bounty Gold Treasure Chests Series # 6
Invisible Jinada Strikes
Couriers Purchased Treasure Chests Series # 7
Wards Purchased
Quad Ravages Treasure Chests Series # 8
Enemies Gushed

Unreleased Strange Modifiers[edit]

Strange Modifier Tag Required Availability
Tracked Kills Treasure Chests Series N/A
Tracked Invisible Kills
Double Shackles
Multi-hero Powershots
Sunstrike Kills