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Storm Spirit/Sounds

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  • Projectile impact sound plays as the attack projectile successfully hits the target (50%-70% vol).



Static Remnant[edit]

  • ▶️ Cast sound plays on Storm Spirit upon cast.
  • ▶️ Target sound plays whenever a Static Remnant explodes, be it by getting triggered or by expiring (70% vol).

Electric Vortex[edit]


  • ▶️ Target sound plays on the target when the projectile successfully hits it, together with Storm Spirit's other attack sounds.
  • ▶️ Full attack sound example.

Ball Lightning[edit]

  • ▶️ Cast sound plays on Storm Spirit upon cast (100% vol).
  • ▶️ Loop sound plays on Storm Spirit upon cast and lasts as long as Ball Lightning does.
  • ▶️ Full sound example.

The Lightning Orchid


Taunt: In the Spirit of Peace

  • ▶️ Plays on Storm Spirit upon taunt begin.