Staff of Petaluna

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Staff of Petaluna
Cosmetic icon Staff of Petaluna.png
Dazzle icon.png
Rarity: Rare
Slot: Weapon

Though the priests of Dezun believe they alone possess the secrets of the ethereal shade, Dazzle's discovery of a race of insects in the lost jungles of Fellstrath capable of suckling energy directly from the Nothl Realm puts that claim to rest. But these creatures are inefficient with their feeding, and each puncture they create allows a bit of influence from the Nothl Realm to bleed into our own.
Delights of Petaluna
Staff of Petaluna
Skirt of Petaluna
Bracer of Petaluna
Shoulders of Petaluna
Mask of Petaluna


Customization Type Preview
Adventurer Pathfinder
Ambient Effect Delights of Petaluna.gif Delights of Petaluna Ambient.gif

Set Items[edit]