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Bad against...[edit]

Clockwerk icon.png
  • Battery Assault will continiously prevent Spirit Breaker from using Nether Strike, Charge of Darkness and even right clicking because of his long attack animation.
  • Hookshot can be used to cancel Charge of Darkness.
Ember Spirit icon.png
Outworld Devourer icon.png
  • Astral Imprisonment can be used to protect allies by imprisoning either them or Spirit Breaker.
  • Arcane Orb will heavily drain Spirit Breaker's intelligence, rendering him almost useless and unable to cast spells. Spirit Breaker's low intelligence also means Sanity's Eclipse will deal a lot of damage to him.
Enigma icon.png
  • Malefice prevents Spirit Breaker from using his spells for the duration.
  • Demonic Conversion Eidolons have high magic resistance, receiving little damage from Charge of Darkness.
Invoker icon.png
  • Cold Snap allows Invoker to cancel Charge of Darkness and Nether Strike.
  • Tornado can be used from long range to cancel Charge of Darkness.
  • Deafening Blast prevents Spirit Breaker from right clicking and thus proccing his Greater Bash.
Luna icon.png
  • Eclipse is useful for intercepting Spirit Breaker affected by Charge of Darkness, and if Luna can use it in anticipation, it can kill Spirit Breaker before he can even manage to disable Luna.
  • From safe zones, Luna can use her Lucent Beam to cancel Charge of Darkness.
Medusa icon.png
  • If Medusa activates Stone Gaze the charge will inevitably fail.
  • Mana Shield and overall tankiness allows Medusa to easily survive Spirit Breaker’s initiation.
Meepo icon.png
  • Earthbind prevents/interrupts Charge of Darkness.
  • As a single target focused hero without much damage output, Spirit Breaker is ineffective in general against Meepo.
Phoenix icon.png
  • Due to Spirit Breaker's low attack speed, Supernova is problematic for Spirit Breaker to take down, and even more so with Fire Spirits debuff applied.
  • Icarus Dive grants Phoenix capability to quickly escape to safety.
Razor icon.png
  • Static Link reduces damage bonus from Greater Bash, but cannot remove by Nether Strike.
  • Eye of the Storm melts Spirit Breaker's armor, and makes him much less tanky.
  • Unstable Current makes it hard for Spirit Breaker to catch Razor.
Treant Protector icon.png
  • Living Armor can mitigate a large portion of Spirit Breaker's damage since his attacks are slow.
  • Treant Protector can also counter initiate Spirit Breaker with Leech Seed and his bash from Nature's Guise before he manages to escape.
Underlord icon.png
  • Pit of Malice can be cast on an area, that Spirit Breaker has to cross to finish his Charge of Darkness, to cancel it.
  • Dark Rift provides a way to escape from a Spirit Breaker gank for Underlord as well as his teammates.
Undying icon.png
  • Due to Spirit Breaker's low attack speed, Tombstone is problematic for Spirit Breaker to take down.
  • Soul Rip and Decay allows Undying and his allies to survive from incoming ganks of Spirit Breaker.



Good against...[edit]

Anti-Mage icon.png
  • Anti-Mage usually relies on Blink to escape, but with vision from Charge of Darkness it is easier to catch him.
  • Spirit Breaker could single-handedly lock Anti-Mage down for 4 seconds (or even more with lucky bashes), allowing his teammates to follow up.
  • As Anti-Mage is an elusive hero who likes to farm alone, Spirit Breaker could choose to charge whenever Anti-Mage is in sight.
Clinkz icon.png
  • Once caught with dust, Clinkz could be locked down for a long time by Spirit Breaker and has nowhere to escape.
  • Charge of Darkness provides shared vision over its target, showing Clinkz even when he is in Skeleton Walk.
Nature's Prophet icon.png
  • Charge of Darkness allows Spirit Breaker to catch Nature's Prophet out when he tries to split push.
  • Nature's Prophet can't hide in his Sprout against Spirit Breaker, as his Charge of Darkness provides vision on its target.
  • Spirit Breaker can easily cancel Nature's Prophet's Teleportation.
Tinker icon.png
Ursa icon.png
  • Though Spirit Breaker can't fight Ursa toe to toe directly, his stuns could prevent Ursa from dealing damage during Enrage.


Works well with...[edit]

Bloodseeker icon.png
  • Bloodrage amplifies Spirit breakers damage, giving him higher solo kill potential.
  • Thirst reveals low health enemies, enabling Spirit Breaker to use Charge of Darkness to finish them off.
Bounty Hunter icon.png
  • Track enables Spirit Breaker to charge heroes that are outside of the team's field of vision, also granting gold for the rest of the team should the kill occur.
  • Bounty Hunter usually scouts areas, hence he can find lone targets for Spirit Breaker to charge.
Io icon.png
  • Overcharge gives Spirit Breaker extra attack speed and thus a higher chance to proc Greater Bash.
  • Relocate can turn a Charge of Darkness into a three man gank.
Lifestealer icon.png
  • Infest allows Lifestealer to come along when Spirit Breaker uses Charge of Darkness.
  • With Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter Lifestealer can Assimilate an ally before infesting Spirit Breaker, turning a two man gank into a three man gank.
Dark Seer icon.png
  • Surge allows Spirit Breaker to increase his movement and Charge of Darkness speed decreasing his target time to counter simultaneously increasing his damage.