Spell immunity/Ally Interactions

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Ally Interactions

Spell immunity on allies[edit]

Every not-targeted spell, be it an area spell or a spell which affects self upon cast, pierces spell immunity for allies and self, with a very few exceptions listed below. All runes apply their effect on spell immune units.

As for single-target spells, only a few do not pierce spell immunity, which are listed below as well.

1 These abilities cannot target spell immune allies. However, if an ally turns spell immune after cast (or after projectile hit), their effects continue to affect the unit.

2 Unstable Concoction does not affect self when blowing up while spell immune, but still applies the area effect.

3 Force and Hurricane Thrust cannot be cast on spell immune allies, but can be cast on self while spell immune.

4 Although Ghost Scepter icon.png Ghost Scepter and Ghost Shroud can be cast while spell immune, they do not apply their effects in this case.

The following single-target abilities can target spell immune allies.

Note: Some of these abilities can be cast on allies and on enemies. However, only because they can target spell immune allies, it does not mean that they also can target spell immune enemies. They are listed again in the enemy section in their respective lists.