Sparrowhawk Quiver

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Sparrowhawk Quiver
Cosmetic icon Sparrowhawk Quiver.png
Windranger icon.png
Rarity: Uncommon
Slot: Quiver

Proving that every part of the sparrowhawk can be turned into a stylish item for Lyralei to wear, this quiver speaks to the utility of sparrowhawks as a species.
Created By
Flight of the Sparrowhawk Set
Sparrowhawk Bow
Sparrowhawk Cape
Sparrowhawk Hood
Sparrowhawk Quiver
Sparrowhawk Wings


Customization Type Preview
Idle Rare Animation Sparrowhawk Idle Rare.gif
Death Animation Sparrowhawk Death.gif
Attack Animation Sparrowhawk Attack.gif
Focus Fire Animation Sparrowhawk Focus Fire.gif


  • This loadout animation is no longer shown, but remains in the game files.
Customization Type Preview
Loadout Animation Sparrowhawk Loadout.gif

Set Items[edit]

Sparrowhawk Quiver
Sparrowhawk Quiver