Sparrowhawk Bow

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Sparrowhawk Bow
Cosmetic icon Sparrowhawk Bow.png
Windranger icon.png
Rarity: Rare
Slot: Weapon

Strong, but light as a feather, this bow of the sparrowhawk will fly your arrows true to their targets.
Created By
Flight of the Sparrowhawk Set
Sparrowhawk Bow
Sparrowhawk Cape
Sparrowhawk Hood
Sparrowhawk Quiver
Sparrowhawk Wings

This weapon has a custom Powershot icon.png Powershot animation.


Wearing multiple pieces of the set grants some additional customizations.

Customization Type Preview Bound To
Idle Rare Animation Sparrowhawk Idle Rare.gif
Death Animation Sparrowhawk Death.gif
Run Animation Sparrowhawk Run.gif
Shackleshot icon.png Shackleshot Animation Sparrowhawk Shackleshot.gif
Idle Animation File:Sparrowhawk Idle.gif
Autoattack Animation Sparrowhawk Attack.gif
Focus Fire icon.png Focus Fire Animation Sparrowhawk Focus Fire.gif
Powershot icon.png Powershot Animation Sparrowhawk Powershot.gif
Effect Sparrowhawk Powershot Effect.gif
Windrun icon.png Windrun Animation Sparrowhawk Windrun.gif

Set Items[edit]