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Skywrath Mage/Bugs

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Known Bugs


Skywrath Mage has no death body impact sound
When Skywrath Mage dies, he does not emit any body impact sounds upon hitting the ground.

Other heroes with this issue are: Bristleback minimap icon.png Bristleback, Ember Spirit minimap icon.png Ember Spirit, Jakiro minimap icon.png Jakiro, Legion Commander minimap icon.png Legion Commander, Lone Druid minimap icon.png Lone Druid in True Form, Night Stalker minimap icon.png Night Stalker in Hunter in the Night mode, Puck minimap icon.png Puck, Slark minimap icon.png Slark, Techies minimap icon.png Techies, Templar Assassin minimap icon.png Templar Assassin and Vengeful Spirit minimap icon.png Vengeful Spirit
13 July 2017

Skywrath Mage's teleport animation does not loop
Skywrath Mage's teleport animation does not loop, so that he switches back to his idle animation if the teleport lasts long enough. Instead of looping, he repeats one motion several times after the initial animation.

Other heroes with this issue are: Centaur Warrunner minimap icon.png Centaur Warrunner, Bounty Hunter minimap icon.png Bounty Hunter, Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden (with Frost Avalanche arcana), Disruptor minimap icon.png Disruptor, Juggernaut minimap icon.png Juggernaut (with Bladeform Legacy arcana), Legion Commander minimap icon.png Legion Commander (with Blades of Voth Domosh arcana), Luna minimap icon.png Luna, Monkey King minimap icon.png Monkey King, Oracle minimap icon.png Oracle and Phantom Assassin minimap icon.png Phantom Assassin (with Manifold Paradox arcana)
24 September 2017

Mystic Flare[edit]

Mystic Flare's cast animation does not finish after reaching the cast point, instantly getting canceled
There are a lot of heroes who get their animations instantly canceled as soon as the cast point is reached, resulting in some ugly jerking, strange looking animation resets, or partially even completely missing animations due to very low cast points.

Affected spells are: Sticky Napalm, Viscous Nasal Goo, Rocket Flare, Fissure, Torrent, X Marks the Spot, Overwhelming Odds, Earth Spike, Howl, Earthbind, Sacred Arrow, Starstorm, Impale, Mana Burn, Nether Blast, Blink Strike, Smoke Screen, Shadow Poison, Shadow Poison Release, Soul Catcher, Mystic Flare, Shrapnel, Storm Hammer, Psionic Trap, Chakram, Chakram, Timber Chain, Ice Shards, Earthshock, Maledict and The Swarm
13 July 2017