Sabaku Captain

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Sabaku Captain
Siltbreaker Sabaku Captain model.png
Unknown Unit icon.png
Level 15
Health 2200
Health regeneration 10
Mana 1500
Mana regeneration 20
Armor 25
Magic resistance 0%
Attack damage 420‒450
Acquisition range 750
Attack range 120
Base attack time 1
Attack animation 0.3+?
Movement speed 380
Follow range 100
Turn rate 0.5
Collision size 16
Vision range 800 (G)
Bounty 130‒150
Experience 200
Model scale 1.3
Abilities Stifling Dagger
Blink Strike
Notes 6-slot inventory

Main Article: Siltbreaker/Act I


Stifling Dagger
Stifling Dagger icon.png
Throws a flurry of daggers at the area around the target point, each one hitting the first unit in its path. The daggers slow enemy movement speed, and deal 65 + 25%/40%/55%/70% of Phantom Assassin's attack damage as physical damage and applying attack effects from items and abilities.
Cast Animation: 0.4+0
Cast Range: 10000
Max Channel Time: 1.68
Max Travel Distance: 1200
Max Spread Radius: 50
Dagger Collision Radius: 50
Number of Daggers: 12
Base Damage: 0
Attack Damage: 70%
Move Speed Slow: 50%
Slow Duration: 4
Cooldown: 14
Mana: 60
Buff Stiflingdagger Caster: Dispellable with death only.
Debuff Stiflingdagger: Dispellable with any dispel.
The first skill learned by the Sisters of the Veil often signals an incoming hit.


  • This ability is not visible in the HUD.
  • Launches a dagger in 0.14 second intervals, starting immediately on cast.
  • The daggers are launched inaccurately, with a maximum spread distance of 50 upon reaching maximum length.
  • The daggers travels at a speed of 500. Once an enemy comes within 50 range of a dagger, it disappears.
  • Upon hitting an enemy, the dagger causes Sabaku Captain to perform an instant attack on the target.
    • Although the daggers may make it look like a ranged attack, the attack still counts as melee.
    • The performed instant-attacks have True Strike, so they cannot miss.
    • Since the damage comes from a regular attack, it does not count as spell damage, but counts as attack damage.
    • This means it is affected by damage block, unaffected by spell damage amplification and cannot spell lifesteal.
  • The daggers reduce the captain's attack damage with a status buff which is applied before the damage is applied and lasts for 0.03 seconds.

Blink Strike
Blink Strike icon.png
Self / Enemies
There is no description for this ability.
Cast Animation: 0.4+0
Cast Range: 800
Damage: 300
Cooldown: 10
Mana: 0
Partially pierces spell immunity. Can be cast on spell immune allies.
Cannot be cast on spell immune enemies.
Buff Blinkstrike: Dispellable with death only.


  • This ability is not visible in the HUD.
  • The bonus damage is independent from the Sabaku Captain's attack damage and is instantly dealt to the target.
  • Always teleports the captain behind the target.
  • The Sabaku Captain is ordered to attack the target if it is an enemy.
  • Can be cast on allies without damaging them.


Item drops[edit]

30% chance to drop a Siltbreaker Gold Bag icon.png Gold Bag

12% chance to also drop one of the following items:

5% chance to also drop one of the following items:

1% chance to also drop one of the following items: