Pathfinder Echo

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Pathfinder Echo
Elder Titan Astral Spirit model.png
Unknown Unit icon.png
Level 11
Health 1200
Health regeneration 10
Mana 1000
Mana regeneration 20
Armor 15
Magic resistance 0%
Attack damage 160‒190
Acquisition range 500
Attack range 110
Base attack time 1.35
Attack animation 0.3+?
Movement speed 340
Follow range 100
Turn rate 0.5
Collision size 24
Vision range 800 (G)
Bounty 400‒450
Experience 500
Model scale 1.3
Notes invulnerable
Cannot draw aggro
Vision disabled

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The Pathfinder Echo is a friendly NPC located in the Crypt of the Odobenus Legion.