Galvanite Gaoler

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Galvanite Gaoler
Siltbreaker Galvanite Gaoler model.png
Unknown Unit icon.png
Ancient Creep-Hero
Level 1
Health 9000
Health regeneration 8
Mana 500
Mana regeneration 5
Armor 50
Magic resistance 0%
Status resistance 100%
Movement speed 125
Follow range 100
Turn rate 0.001
Collision size 80
Vision range 0 (G)
Bounty 600‒650
Experience 1300
Model scale 2.2
Abilities Melee Smash
Gaoler Lamp

Main Article: Siltbreaker/Act II

Galvanite Gaolers appear in the Dark Reef Prison, patrolling the area.


Melee Smash
Storm Hammer icon.png
There is no description for this ability.
Cast Animation: 0+?
Cast Range: 450
Radius: 250
Effect Delay: 1
Damage: 3250
Stun Duration: 1
Cooldown: 3
Mana: 0
Debuff Stunned: Dispellable with strong dispels.


  • Slams the ground with its right arm, damaging and stunning every enemy unit beneath it.
  • The delay of this ability is not determined by the cast time. This means the cast itself is executed instantly, but the effects are delayed.
    • However, since the Galvanite Gaoler do not cancel cast backswings, it effectively works like a cast time.
  • The area targeting only determines the direction. The effect is set to be always where the right hand lands on the ground.
  • The cast of Melee Smash is not registered as a spell cast and thus does not proc any on-cast effects.

Does not pierce spell immunity.
Electric Vortex icon.png
There is no description for this ability.
Cast Animation: 1.5+0
Max Channel Time: 3
Initial Radius: 300
Radius Increase per Wave: 40
Wave Interval: 0.25
Damage per Wave: 450
Cooldown: 8
Mana: 0


  • Releases electricity in pulses, which deal damage in a growing area around the Gaoler.
  • The damaging pulses are released in 0.25-second intervals, starting immediately upon cast, resulting in 12 pulses.
  • Despite the visual effect, each pulse deals its damage immediately within its entire area. The damage does not have to travel.
  • On each pulse, the radius increases by 40, resulting in the following radii: 300/340/380/420/460/500/540/580/620/660/700/740.

Gaoler Lamp
Illuminate (Spirit Form) icon.png
There is no description for this ability.
Cast Animation: 1.5+0
Vision Circle Distance: 700
Vision Circle Radius: 400


  • The gaoler has no vision on its own. Instead, it has a lamp to reveal the area in front of it.
  • The lamp can only point forwards, into the direction the gaoler is facing. It illuminates a 400 radius area 700 range in front of it.
  • The lamp's vision is unobstructed so that it can see over cliffs and trees.


Item drops[edit]

30% chance to drop a Siltbreaker Gold Bag icon.png Gold Bag

100% chanceto also drop a Siltbreaker Prison Cell Key icon.png Prison Cell Key

35% chance to also drop one of the following items:

10% chance to also drop one of the following items:

5% chance to also drop one of the following items: