Centaur Dune Runner

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Centaur Dune Runner
Siltbreaker Centaur Dune Runner model.png
Unknown Unit icon.png
Level 15
Health 2500
Health regeneration 8
Mana 1000
Mana regeneration 10
Armor 20
Magic resistance 0%
Attack damage 430‒480
Acquisition range 750
Attack range 110
Base attack time 1.2
Attack animation 0.3+?
Movement speed 350
Follow range 100
Turn rate 0.5
Collision size 16
Vision range 700 (G)
Bounty 190‒210
Experience 200
Model scale 1
Abilities Earthbind
Notes 6-slot inventory

Main Article: Siltbreaker/Act I


Earthbind icon.png
There is no description for this ability.
Cast Animation: 0.3+0
Cast Range: 800
Radius: 220
Duration: 2
Cooldown: 8
Mana: 30
Does not pierce spell immunity. Root effect persists if debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled.
Debuff Earthbind: Dispellable with any dispel.


  • This ability is not visible in the HUD.
  • Launches a net towards the target area, rooting enemies caught in it.
  • The net travels at a speed of 500.
  • Earthbind can hit units up to 1470 range away (maximum cast range + radius).
  • Roots the targets, preventing them from moving and casting certain mobility spells.
  • Does not target invisible units, but does target units inside the Fog of War.
  • The net provides 300 radius flying vision around itself as it travels. This vision does not last.


Item drops[edit]

30% chance to drop a Siltbreaker Gold Bag icon.png Gold Bag

12% chance to also drop one of the following items:

1% chance to also drop one of the following items:

1% chance to also drop one of the following items: