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Silent Edict

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Silent Edict
Cosmetic icon Silent Edict.png
Silencer icon.png
Rarity: Mythical

Even in his first memories, Nortrom's caretakers spoke ceaselessly of the glories that awaited their young ward, and the blessed favors each hoped to receive upon his fated day of ascension. It was those same handlers whose reverent administrations turned to spiteful neglect as the prospects of the child's rise dimmed in the shadows of his unmanifested abilities.
Created By
Silent Edict
Glaive of the Silent Edict
Robe of the Silent Edict
Armguards of the Silent Edict
Shoulders of the Silent Edict
Hair of the Silent Edict
Shield of the Silent Edict
Loading Screen of the Silent Edict

An ambient effect style can be unlocked for the shield piece with a Treasure Upgrade Infuser - Fall 2016.

Set Items[edit]


Customization Type Preview Bound to
Default Infused
Effect Silent Edict.gif Silent Edict Ambient.gif




  • This set's internal name is Silent Guardian.