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Silencer minimap icon.png Nortrom, the Silencer
Part of the seventh and final generation of a carefully designed pedigree, Nortrom was bred by the ancient order of the Aeol Drias to be the greatest magic user the world had ever seen. He was the prophesied one, the culmination of two-hundred years of careful pairings, a war-mage who would bring glory to the order, and destruction to their sworn enemies, The Knights of the Fold. Raised with other young mages in a hidden cantonment among the hills of the Hazhadal barrens, the order's preceptors waited for Nortrom’s abilities to manifest. While the other students honed their talents with fire, or ice, or incantatory spells, Nortrom sat silent and talentless, unable to cast so much as a hex. As the day of final testing approached, he still hadn’t found his magic. In disgust, the preceptors berated him, while the children laughed. “You are no mage,” the head of the order declared. Still, Nortrom did not slink away. He entered the day of testing and faced down the young mages who had mocked him. And then his preceptors learned a valuable lesson: a lack of magic can be the greatest magic of all. Nortrom silenced the young mages one by one and defeated them in single combat, until he alone stood as champion of the Aeol Drias, in fulfillment of the prophecy.
Associated with
Heroes:Anti-Mage minimap icon.png Anti-Mage
Places:Hazhadal Barrens
Tyler Estate

Friendships and rivalries[edit]

Allies meeting Silencer

  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r I'll do the talking, Silencer.
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r Your voice really carries, Silencer. A bit too much.
  • Play Omniknight minimap icon.png r What's the good word, Silencer?
  • Play Templar Assassin minimap icon.png r You are one of the few who understand the value of Silence.

Enemies killing Silencer

  • Play Abaddon minimap icon.png What's that, Silencer? I couldn't hear you.
  • Play Underlord minimap icon.png You talk too much.
  • Play Arc Warden minimap icon.png You are silenced.
  • Play Bane minimap icon.png There's no silencing your nightmares.
  • Play Luna minimap icon.png Finally, some peace and quiet.
  • Play Lycan minimap icon.png Look who's silent now.
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r Oh, shut up.
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r Ah, had to kill you before you bored me to death.
  • Play Omniknight minimap icon.png The silencer now resting in silence.
  • Play Outworld Devourer minimap icon.png You're out of the action.
  • Play Pudge minimap icon.png Can't silence mah belly.
  • Play Rubick minimap icon.png I'll see your silence… is eternal.
  • Play Queen of Pain minimap icon.png Silencer? I'd prefer a screamer.
  • Play Sand King minimap icon.png The sand of silence.
  • Play Tiny minimap icon.png Now that's a stony silence.
  • Play Treant Protector minimap icon.png Hush now.
  • Play Treant Protector minimap icon.png Shh.
  • Play Play Zeus minimap icon.png Ha ha ha, you cannot silence the voice of thunder.


  • Play Oracle minimap icon.png r When I listen for your future, I hear naught but a great silence.
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  1. Dark Willow response: Play How's teaming up with Anti-Mage working out for ya?
  2. Dark Willow response: Play Silencer minimap icon.png I'm not going to the Tyler Estate!