Shoreline Sapper

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Shoreline Sapper
Cosmetic icon Shoreline Sapper.png
Ogre Magi icon.png
Ogre Magi
Rarity: Mythical

Never coordinated well enough to swim with any stealth or grace, Ogre Magi relied on pilfered shipwright's tools and a bit of luck to survive a failed raid on Deshom Bay.
Created By
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Shoreline Sapper
Shovel of the Shoreline Sapper
Floathide Bands of the Shoreline Sapper
Back Buoy of the Shoreline Sapper
Floathide Belt of the Shoreline Sapper
Headgear of the Shoreline Sapper

This set is awarded to players who finished the final quest of the Path of the Navigator quest line, from The International 2017 Battle Pass. An additional upgrade, Shoreline Sapper Set Style Unlock is granted to players who obtain at least 39 stars on the Path of the Navigator quest line.

Set Items[edit]


  • Minor custom animations bound to the weapon not shown. They cause Ogre Magi to hold his weapon slightly further back to accommodate for the item's model size.
  • Minor custom ambient effect bound to the weapon not shown. It removes the standard effects of Ogre Magi's weapon, and does not add any new particles.
Customization Type Preview Bound to
Original Illustrious
Effect1 Shoreline Sapper.gif Shoreline Sapper Ambient.gif

1 More bubbles are seen when Illustrious is selected.


Style Unlock Items[edit]