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The secret shop has his response rules set up, but some of them were disabled. All of the enabled responses are played under 40% volume.

Entering shop area

  • Play Welcome to the Secret Shop!
  • Play Welcome to the Secret Shop!
  • Play Ho ho! You found me!
  • Play Greetings, my friend.


  • Play What're you buying?
  • Play Mm, what're you buying?
  • Play (Humming)
  • Play (Humming)
  • Play (Humming)
  • Play Ah, some tea while you wait?

Buying item

250 minimum gold cost

  • Play I'll just wrap it up, shall I, hm?
  • Play Excellent choice.
  • Play Excellent choice.
  • Play Special for you.
  • Play My favorite customer!
  • Play Your foes will fear you now.
  • Play Excellent choice. I'll just wrap it up, shall I?

1000 minimum gold cost

  • Play Those go together nicely.
  • Play Ah, the full set!
  • Play A powerful combination.
  • Play A powerful combination.

Leaving shop area

  • Play Thank you, thank you for your business.
  • Play Thank you for your business!
  • Play Come again!
  • Play Come again!


  • Play u I'm open all night.
  • Play u Can I be of service?
  • Play u Oh, it looks good on you.
  • Play u Take it outside!
  • Play u Don't worry, I see nothing.
  • Play u Your secret's safe with me.
  • Play u Ah my little friend, always busy-busy.
  • Play u Business is brisk.
  • Play u Looks like you're everywhere today, hmm?
  • Play u Frull, not in the shop!
  • Play u How many times have I got to tell you?
  • Play u Roquelaire, would you like a cracker?