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This article is about the in-game currency. For the gameplay item, see Moon Shard icon.png Moon Shard.
Shards splash.png

Shards are a form of in-game currency that can only be earned by Dota Plus subscribers. They are used to purchase exclusive rewards from the in-game Plus Store.

Obtaining Shards[edit]

Action Reward
Receive a player tip 50 shards
Win three matches per week 1,000 shards
Recycling six treasure fragments 2,000 shards
Win a Weekend Battle Cup 20,000 shards
Welcome quests (one time only) 26,600 shards
Level up a hero with Dota Plus 1,300 shards (Bronze Tier)
2,400 shards (Silver Tier)
3,200 shards (Gold Tier)
4,000 shards (Platinum Tier)
9,700 shards (Master Tier)
Predict win streaks
10 shards (1 in a row)
20 shards (2 in a row)
30 shards (3 in a row)
40 shards (4 in a row)
50 shards (5+ in a row)
Seasonal quests
(Once per ranked season)
92,900 shards (Varies)
Pro Circuit wagering with Dota Plus app Unlimited
Pro Circuit Fantasy Dota with Dota Plus app Unlimited


The Plus Store


  • Cosmetic items can be purchased with shards. Prices can vary.
  • Some items are exclusive to the Plus Store, and can only be obtained with shards.
  • Older items that were previously released can also be purchased with shards. These are called legacy items.
Item Cost
Exclusive items 75,000 shards
90,000 shards
Legacy items 2,000 shards
2,500 shards
3,000 shards
5,000 shards


The following items can only be obtained from the Plus Store. They can also be recycled for their original price in shards.


Minor Tools are also available from the Rewards shop.

Item Cost
1,000 shards
1,000 shards
1,000 shards
1,000 shards
1,000 shards


Main Article: Relics

Relics are counters that track a hero's actions and statistics. Each hero has ten common Relics and four rare Relics that can be purchased with shards.

Item Cost
1 Random Relic
(Common or Rare)
800 shards
1 Common Relic 5,000 shards
1 Rare Relic 10,000 shards

Chat Wheel Sounds[edit]

Main Article: Chat Wheel/Dota Plus

These sounds were previously awarded to owners of The International Battle Passes.

Sound Cost
3,000 shards
3,000 shards
3,000 shards
3,000 shards
4,500 shards
4,500 shards
4,500 shards
4,500 shards
4,500 shards
4,500 shards
4,500 shards
4,500 shards
6,000 shards
6,000 shards
6,000 shards
6,000 shards


  • Some Event items were purchasable for a limited time with shards.
Event Item Cost
Frosthaven 750 shards
New Bloom 2019 750 shards