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Shadow Demon/Counters

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Bad against...[edit]

Ember Spirit icon.png
  • Disruption is not reliable enough to catch an Ember Spirit with a backup Fire Remnant.
  • The best you can do against an Ember Spirit is to dispel his Flame Guard with your Demonic Purge.
Leshrac icon.png
  • Pulse Nova makes quick work of any illusions with amplified damage, and deals damage even if Leshrac is in Disruption.
  • An attempt to save an ally using Disruption can easily become a perfect setup for a Split Earth for the enemy.
  • Disruption does not stop Diabolic Edict and Pulse Nova once they start pulsing, and even worse it provides a safe shelter for Leshrac to keep pumping up his powerful AoE damage onto the battlefield.
  • Shadow Demon doesn't have the burst damage to take Leshrac out of the fight quickly, although Demonic Purge can help his allies kill a squishy Leshrac.
Lion icon.png
  • Hex and Mana Drain can make quick work of whatever illusions you're creating, especially when he acquires his Talents as level 20 and 25.
Phantom Assassin icon.png
  • Phantom Assassin's Phantom Strike can easily turn the situation if she is ganked by Shadow Demon alone, as it allows her to ignore the powerful slow from Demonic Purge and finish him off with a few quick hits.
  • Phantom Assassin's Blur ensure her survival when fighting her own illusions created by Shadow Demon. Although the illusions do benefit from Coup de Grace, their much weaker stats and mediocre attack speed without the aid of Phantom Strike makes them not very valuable.
Storm Spirit icon.png
  • Good luck catching Storm Spirit with Shadow Demon's abilities, as he can simply get away with Ball Lightning. Shadow Demon will need a strong disabling skill such as Sacred Arrow to catch a Storm Spirit if you initiate with Disruption.
  • With very high mobility and usually paired with Orchid Malevolence icon.png Orchid Malevolence, he can catch Shadow Demon with ease both in ganks and in teamfights if Shadow Demon has no survivability items.


  • Although Phantom Lancer minimap icon.png Phantom Lancer will generate strong illusions, and you can also break his Juxtapose with an Aghanim's Demonic Purge, you have a small chance of guessing which is the real Phantom Lancer after he used Doppelganger.
  • Lycan minimap icon.png Lycan and Weaver minimap icon.png Weaver has abilities that allow them to move at maximum movement speed, and those abilities can't be dispelled, potentially wasting the slow from Demonic Purge.
    • You can potentially kill a fragile Weaver minimap icon.png Weaver by using disruption DURING Shukuchi with a well-placed Sentry Ward icon.png Sentry Ward, wasting the Shukuchi. But odds are he'll wait to get low health, Time Lapse the damage away and Shukuchi away once more.
  • Chaos Knight minimap icon.png Chaos Knight, Lone Druid minimap icon.png Lone Druid, Meepo minimap icon.png Meepo and Arc Warden minimap icon.png Arc Warden can be hard targets since Shadow Demon's spells are ill-suited to fight many enemies at once.
  • Heroes who can dispel will be able to remove Shadow Poison before Shadow Demon can build up a big stack, or remove Soul Catcher's debuff to instantly bring the health of affected heroes back to a considerable amount: Abaddon minimap icon.png Abaddon, Slark minimap icon.png Slark, Legion Commander minimap icon.png Legion Commander, Oracle minimap icon.png Oracle.
  • Omniknight minimap icon.png Omniknight: An undispellable Heavenly Grace can easily save a victim of Shadow Demon.


  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity icon.png Eul's Scepter of Divinity and Lotus Orb icon.png Lotus Orb can dispel Shadow Poison and Soul Catcher. A well-timed Lotus Orb can also reflect Disruption and Demonic Purge.
  • Force Staff icon.png Force Staff can save an ally or the victim himself if he is able to force through a cliff to the highground, or create enough distance to retreat into foggy area.
  • Town Portal Scroll icon.png Town Portal Scroll can help a victim survive an early solo gank attempt from Shadow Demon since he usually initiates with a Disruption and has no way to cancel the teleport afterward, while Shadow Poison needs time to stack up and Demonic Purge only deals damage after a lengthy delay.

Good against...[edit]

Alchemist icon.png
  • Alchemist is a well-known Radiance (Active) icon.png Radiance carrier among other auras your illusions will benefit from. They also get the extra move speed and reduced base attack time from his Chemical Rage, and it's even better if you can catch him as his own rage is about to expire.
  • Disruption will buy enough time for all allies to retreat when Alchemist starts to activate Unstable Concoction.
Anti-Mage icon.png
  • While it is unwise to encounter Anti-Mage alone, Disruption's considerable cast range can become a perfect setup for any hard-disable to follow up. If he is pinned down, Anti-Mage will quickly face his demise when the illusions deplete his already low mana pool. Manta Style icon.png Manta Style will easily allow him to escape, however.
  • The illusions can be controlled to quickly sap mana from any other target, making Anti-Mage one of the most valuable targets to disrupt.
Dark Seer icon.png
  • The constant dispel from Demonic Purge will make any attempt to save the victim or himself by Surge become futile. For what it's worth, Demonic Purge will also dispel Ion Shell.
Legion Commander icon.png
  • Disruption can save allies and mess up an initiation from an enemy Legion Commander. Using Disruption on your ally that is affected by Duel will leave her totally exposed without the benefit of the life steal from Moment of Courage. A precise decision to Disrupt Legion Commander or her victim is crucial to waste Duel's potential.
  • Demonic Purge cannot be dispelled by a hard dispel from Press the Attack, which in turn can be dispelled by your ultimate.
Omniknight icon.png
  • Demonic Purge can dispel Guardian Angel on the key target during combat, allow your allies to finish them.
Spectre icon.png
  • Her illusions with Desolate is very valuable, especially when they are usually paired with Radiance (Active) icon.png Radiance. Unlike blink or force movement, Spectral Dagger's escaping mechanic requires manual movement, and therefore Demonic Purge can hold her back really hard allow your allies to finish her off.
  • If she would try to kill you or any key ally with Haunt at any point of the game, remember to not panic and always use Disrupt on the illusion, whether it is fake or the real Spectre herself. When the situation calls, Demonic Purge can save a second victim from a haunting Spectre.
  • When upgraded by Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter, Demonic Purge can remove Spectre from a fight by disabling Desolate and Dispersion, negating her damage and tankiness respectively.
Juggernaut icon.png
  • Be ready to save an ally from Omnislash with your Disruption.
  • Spawning Juggernaut minimap icon.png Juggernaut's illusions is a great deal, as his base attack time is low and he has a critical strike. Illusions will benefit from both.
  • Demonic Purge will prevent Juggernaut's desperate attempt to flee using Blade Fury. However, it cannot stop him if he is using Town Portal Scroll icon.png Town Portal Scroll.
Luna icon.png
  • Demonic Purge takes off Luna's superior mobility, removing the need for chasing her and allowing your team to reposition in team fights or escape when at low HP. If Shadow Demon has Aghanim's Sceptre it will also take away glaive bounces and extra damage from Luna's passive.
  • Luna's illusions created by Disruption is very valuable with their Moon Glaives. These will effectively counter her pushing attempts and are painfully effective in team fights.
  • Disruption can be used to save an ally from Eclipse.
Techies icon.png
  • Shadow Demon's spammable illusions can be used to scout Techies' Proximity Mines. The illusion of your carries can be even used to trick Techies into detonating his precious Remote Mines.
Windranger icon.png
  • Shadow Demon can waste precious seconds of Windrun with Disruption.
    • Alternatively, Demonic Purge can be used to dispel it altogether, leaving her completely defenseless for 7 seconds.
  • Disruption can be used to save an ally if they get stunned by Shackleshot.



Works well with...[edit]

Ancient Apparition icon.png
  • Disruption and Demonic Purge can easily trigger the stun from Cold Feet.
  • Use Chilling Touch to slow the target after Disruption, keeping them in place for illusion damage, and amplify all magical damage such as from Shadow Poison and Demonic Purge.
  • Disruption can serve as a set up for laning Ice Blast.
Dazzle icon.png
  • Combining with Soul Catcher's health removal and Disruption's illusions, Shadow Wave can deal tremendous damage to the enemies.
Terrorblade icon.png
  • With an additional bonus to raw damage and very long range, Terrorblade's Metamorphosis form is among one of the best target to get your illusions, which deals more damage than the illusions created by Terrorblade himself using Conjure Image.
  • A Disruption can save Terrorblade from a long chain of disables, allows him to use a critical Sunder.
Razor icon.png
  • Disruption provides a lots of free time for Razor to close the gap and suck dry the attack capability of his victim using Static Link.
  • Neither Static Link, Lua error in Module:Ability_ID at line 44: Could not find Cargo data for "Unstable Current". nor Eye of the Storm is disabled during the banishment.


  • Any aforementioned heroes who gives a valuable illusions pair very well with Shadow Demon.
  • Both Naga Siren minimap icon.png Naga Siren and Spectre minimap icon.png Spectre are natural Radiance (Active) icon.png Radiance carriers and tend to have very strong illusions, making your own very potent as well. Ensnare is also a strong follow up to Disruption to beat down an enemy with an army of illusions.
  • Lina minimap icon.png Lina, Leshrac minimap icon.png Leshrac, Kunkka minimap icon.png Kunkka, Invoker minimap icon.png Invoker with their long-delaying abilities can become much easier to land thanks to Disruption: Light Strike Array, Split Earth, Torrent and Sun Strike, respectively.


  • Manta Style icon.png Manta Style provides illusion targets for Disruption, without removing the original hero from play.