September 27, 2018 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Fixed an issue that caused Morphling to gain incorrect levels of certain stolen abilities.
  • Post-Game Scoreboard:
    • Added total time spent dead and total gold lost due to death to the scoreboard.
    • Added the raw (pre-reduction) hero damage received and the overall hero damage reduction percentage to the scoreboard.
    • Fixed a bug where wards that were bought and then sold back within the sell-back window would incorrectly appear in the Support Items section of the scoreboard.
    • Fixed Lone Druid's Spirit Bear scoreboard inventory positioning.
    • Fixed a consumed Moon Shard showing the wrong night vision number in the scoreboard tooltip.
  • Alt-clicking an unlearned skill (or Ctrl-Alt clicking an already learned skill) now has the following behavior:
    • When you have available skill points will now alert allies with the skill being "Ready To Learn"
    • When you can earn it at the next level, it will alert to allies how much XP required for you to level up.
    • If you can't learn it at the next level, it will alert with how many levels you will need before you can skill it up.