September 22, 2017 Patch

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Patch notes

  • New Selection Button has been added to the Watch Tab so you can filter Live Workshop Bot Games only.
  • Minor adjustments to spacing and etc of some elements on the Watch Tab.
  • Fixed the Level 1000 and Level 2000 icons not showing up.
  • Added a checkbox on the Watch Live page for watching the Workshop Bot match
  • Made magic_resist a float in CMsgBotWorldState.
  • Made game_time a float in CMsgBotWorldState.
  • Fixed all handles being 0 in CMsgBotWorldState.
  • Added net_worth to CMsgBotWorldState.
  • Fixed bots treating danger-pings as good-pings.
  • Dedicated server for the bot script 'Full Bot Overwrite' has been removed.
  • New console commands:
    • dota_upload_item_purchase_history_mmr_threshold (MMR below which Valve will not upload item purchases. Default: 2000)
    • dota_watch_bot_script_only <0/1>
    • dota_watch_special_list <0/1>