September 11, 2015 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the game from establishing a network connection.
  • Restored Reborn matchmaking tolerances to normal levels.
  • Fixed some crashes in the client.
  • Team score has been changed to the number of kills your team is credited with and will not count enemy suicides or deaths to neutrals.
  • Fixed a bug where effigies could have extra models attached to it.
  • Fixing a bug where you'd get an error model courier if you modified your equipped courier after you'd entered a game.
  • Fixed play style stats being affected by Custom Games.
  • Replacement Effigy Reforgers will be granted to all players who used a reforger since Tuesday.
  • Fixed a display bug where armory items could show up multiple times on the profile card slot context menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the econ items were not correctly showing in the inspect panel in bot matches.
  • Fixed a layout problem in the key binding settings UI for 5x4 and 4x3 displays.
  • Improved the home friend panel show your status without expanding.
  • Treasury: Added buttons to purchase from the market if not available as a direct purchase.
  • Treasury: Sorting options replaced with filters "Available", "Unopened", and "All".
  • Treasury: Loading Screens will now use the hi-res artwork rather than the icons.
  • Treasury: Mark Very Rare and Extremely Rare items to make it clear they are separate from the normal items.
  • Treasury: Add extra information block describing how treasures work.
  • Linux: Fixed a bug with minimap not rendering on machines set to Turkish language.
  • Custom Games: Neutral spawners will now check all trigger volumes with the target name instead of only the first one.


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