September 09, 2011 Patch

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Patch notes


  • Fixed Gem of True Sight to reveal wards.
  • Fixed Basher not working on Magic Immune.
  • Fixed Gem of Truesight incorrectly working while on a courier.
  • Fixed Shadow Blade working against towers.
  • Fixed Battle Fury not faking on illusions.
  • TP Scrolls now properly give 200/200 flying vision at their destination.
  • Manta now properly gives 1000/1000 flying vision during the 0.23 second invulnerability phase.


  • Fixed Frost Armor affecting Magic Immune attackers.
  • Fixed Maledict not being applied on magic immune enemies.
  • Paralysing cask is now delayed correctly before it bounces to its next target.
  • Fixed Venomancer's Poison Sting from doing extra damage each attack on buff refresh.
  • Fixed Zeus's ultimate sometimes hitting invis heroes .
  • Fixed Shackleshot being dodgeable.
  • Fixed Ice Vortex debuff lasting a little too long on enemies that leave the area.
  • Power Cogs now properly gives 1600/600 vision.
  • Waveform now properly gives 1000/1000 flying vision during movement and for 0.94 seconds at the destination.
  • Meat Hook now properly gives 500/500 flying vision for 4 seconds at location where a unit is hooked.
  • Ball Lightning now properly gives 1000/1000 flying vision for its duration.
  • Chronosphere now properly gives 1000/1000 flying vision.
  • Powershot now properly gives 3.34 seconds of vision at its end location.
  • Fixed a lot of other misc minor gameplay bugs.


  • Fixed various issues with Fog of War
  • Fixed some bugs with attack ranges (heroes, towers, etc)
  • Fixed some creep aggro bugs
  • Fixed some Tower AI bugs
  • Improved selection hitboxes
  • Roshan now spawns at the beginning of the game.
  • Fixed a bug where Enraged Wildkin's Tornado was not properly giving last hit bounty gold to the controlling player.
  • Fixed the gold bounty for towers when an AI-controlled unit (lane creep) gets the last hit on a tower.
  • Fixed weaver swarm bugs to properly give bounty.
  • Fixed a pathfinding bug, mostly affecting narrow passages between trees, where a unit, from certain positions, could incorrectly consider the narrow passage blocked, thus taking a different, longer path to the destination. This also fixes certain areas where spam-right-clicking a target position would cause your character to run back and forth, such as in the tree clump below the river mid-lane.
  • Fixed a pathfinding bug that was preventing heroes from finding paths through certain 1-tile-wide corridors, such as among trees, when their primary path was blocked (such as by units).
  • Fixed a problem where if your hero was in front of an item on the ground, a shop, or a friendly unit, you would be unable to right/left-click on the object (the click would target the ground instead).
  • Fixed a problem where you could not right-click on items or friendly units that were behind friendly buildings.
  • Fixed a problem where it was difficult to right-click-attack an enemy when your selected unit was in front of the enemy.
  • Fixed a problem where it was difficult to left-click-select a friendly unit that was near an enemy (such as to pull back a hurt eidolon).
  • Fixed a bug where if you pressed "stop" or "hold position" while casting certain abilities (such as Nevermore's Shadowraze), you would resume your previous movement command.
  • Fixed courier not setting its owner entity after a game load, fixes not being able to move items from the stash to the courier after reload.
  • Banned and Selected heroes are no longer selectable on the server in Captain's Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where towers would sometimes stop firing briefly when switching to a new attack target.


  • Dazzle now only says his shadow wave lines to nearby friendly heroes.
  • Sniper will only say his shrapnel line if he captures any heroes in the radius.
  • Announcer will now queue one event max when trying to comment on something. So if she's saying the barracks are under attack and the racks finally explode she'll wait till she finishes saying that before she comments on the barracks being gone.
  • Fixed Enchantress saying her Enchant cast lines every time she cast anything.


  • Fixed chat in the hero picker
  • Fixed buffs like Tiny's craggy exterior not refreshing their stats on the client or updating the stat display with new values.
  • Fixed stash showing the wrong stack counts and tooltips when querying.
  • Fixed inventory item stack counts not being visible to enemies.
  • Fixed inventory not updating while the hero is dead.
  • Hooked up the new cursor art for the move cursor.
  • Mana costs are now properly refreshed on the client for deciding whether an ability is castable.
  • Added message to the "finding match" screen teaching about reconnects and warning you about leaving.
  • Added confirm dialogue to abandoning a game.
  • Fixed dashboard chat update bug after 200 messages.
  • Re-enabled mousewheel zoom (disableable with dota_camera_disable_zoom).
  • Prevented the camera from getting stuck when you center on the player by double tapping f1 or clicking the hero portrait.
  • Made right click menu "show in shop" appear for units that the player cannot control.
  • The "grab all" button on stash will now stack stackable items.
  • Fixed spectator getting an error message when pressing glyph button.
  • Shop: only 12 item rows, down from 14 pages of 12 items, populated when user changes tabs or search string changes.
  • Shop: added clear button to search box.
  • Added client check for trying to purchase disallowed items with the courier.
  • Changed sort order on healthbars: Enemy heroes will draw on top of your own.
  • Fixed hovering over an ability button not showing the in-game range indicator.
  • Ability error reporting prioritizes cooldown over lack of mana. This state is exposed in the top bar and scoreboard so we now don't show the blue out of mana indicator over the ability cooldown timer.
  • Fixed a problem where if you attempted to drag-query a unit but your cursor was already over the unit when you began the drag-query, the unit would be deselected when you released the mouse button.
  • Your currently queried unit is no longer ignored for query box-selection.
  • Fixed units not glowing properly when inside a drag-select box.


  • Hooked up Nightstalker's day->night->day transition animations.
  • Fixed Kunkka not playing Tidebringer's animation/effects correctly.
  • Added splash effects when in water.
  • Added blood hits to wild axes on target.
  • Added active effect for buckler.