Seasonal Terrain - Summer

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Seasonal Terrain - Summer
Cosmetic icon Seasonal Terrain - Summer.png
Rarity: Dota Plus Access
Slot: Terrain
Created By
Valve logo.svg
1 September 2018

This terrain is awarded to subscribers of Dota Plus. It is temporary and will expire after the season ends.


Came with Duration
Dota Plus June 1 – September 1 (Annual)


  • Dandelion seeds float across the map as a built-in weather effect.
    • If a Weather item is equipped, the dandelions will be replaced.
  • Fireflies can be seen at night.

Faction Logos[edit]

Display Radiant icon.png Radiant Dire icon.png Dire
Base Tile Summer Terrain Preview Logo Radiant.png Summer Terrain Preview Logo Dire.png
Banners Summer Terrain Preview Banner Radiant.png Summer Terrain Preview Banner Dire.png


Summer Terrain Bee Hive.png


Picnic Blanket Basket 1 Basket 2 Flower 1
Summer Terrain Blanket Preview.png Summer Terrain Basket 1 Preview.png Summer Terrain Basket 2 Preview.png Summer Terrain Flower 1 Preview.png
Flower 2 Flower 3 Flower 4 Flower 5
Summer Terrain Flower 2 Preview.png Summer Terrain Flower 3 Preview.png Summer Terrain Flower 4 Preview.png Summer Terrain Flower 5 Preview.png
Flower 6 Flower 7 Flower 8 Flower 9
Summer Terrain Flower 6 Preview.png Summer Terrain Flower 7 Preview.png Summer Terrain Flower 8 Preview.png Summer Terrain Flower 9 Preview.png


The day/night ambient sounds are layered on top of the soundscapes of the equipped Weather Effect.

Critera Sounds
Radiant's Base
Dire's Base
Roshan's Pit

Weather Effect[edit]

The summer terrain has its own inbuilt Summer Weather. This means it does not use the Default Weather when having no custom weather equipped.

Since custom weather effects only replace the default weather sounds, these sounds are not replaced by them, meaning only these ambient sounds play, no matter which weather effect is equipped.

Critera Sounds


Weather Harvest
Weather Moonbeam
Weather Pestilence
Weather Rain
Weather Snow
Weather Sirocco
Weather Aurora
Weather Spring
Weather Ash