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Scale of the Razorwyrm

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Scale of the Razorwyrm
Cosmetic icon Scale of the Razorwyrm.png
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Rarity: Mythical

Fierce opponent turned staunch protector.

Includes all of the items in the 'Scale of the Razorwyrm' set for Ursa, which can be upgraded with the 'Scale of the Razorwyrm Style Unlock' granted to players who complete all fifteen Three-Star objectives on the Path of the Warrior.
Created By
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Scale of the Razorwyrm
Gauntlets of the Razorwyrm
Belt of the Razorwyrm
Backplates of the Razorwyrm
Skull of the Razorwyrm

This set was awarded to players who finished the final quest of the Path of the Warrior quest line, from The International 2016 Battle Pass. An additional upgrade, Scale of the Razorwyrm Style Unlock is granted to players who complete all fifteen Three-star objectives on the Path of the Warrior.

Set Items[edit]


Customization Type Preview Bound To
Light Chaotic
Effect Scale of the Razorwyrm Light.gif Scale of the Razorwyrm Chaotic.gif


Style Unlock Items[edit]