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Sanguine Royalty

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Brand banner mushi.png
Sanguine Royalty
Cosmetic icon Sanguine Royalty.png
Queen of Pain icon.png
Queen of Pain
Rarity: Rare

Contains all of the items in the 'Sanguine Royalty' set for Queen of Pain plus loading screen. These items were created in partnership with Mushi, who will who receive a portion of every purchase.
Created By
Sanguine Royalty
Wings of Royal Ascension
Vestments of Sanguine Royalty
Crown of Sanguine Royalty
Crimson Agony
Sanguine Royalty Loading Screen

This set comes with custom ability icons.




Ability Icons[edit]

Customization Preview Bound To
Blink Sanguine Royalty Blink.png
Scream of Pain Sanguine Royalty Scream of Pain.png
Shadow Strike Sanguine Royalty Shadow Strike.png