Omniknight/Old Abilities

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Old Abilities

Heavenly Grace icon.png
Creates a divine barrier around an ally which grants them Spell Immunity and 100% resistance to Magic Damage.
Cast Animation: 0.35+1.23
Cast Range: 500
Duration: 4/5/6/7 (Talent 7/8/9/10)
Cooldown: 30/26/22/18
Mana: 85
Buff Repel: Undispellable.
When faced with the pit of sacrifice, Purist's resilience to magic was tested and affirmed.


  • Applies a basic dispel on the target upon cast, following the same rules as any other dispel.
  • Repel first applies the spell immunity, then the dispel.
  • Repel's status effect uses the default Spell Immunity icon.png spell immunity icon, instead of its own ability icon.