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Reef Kyte Rider

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Reef Kyte Rider
Cosmetic icon Reef Kyte Rider.png
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Rarity: Mythical

Astride a fintail reef kyte and protected against the crush by an enchanted helm, the moon rider serves as Selemene's champion and emissary in forging undersea alliances and keeping creatures of the deep at bay.
Created By
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Reef Kyte Rider
Helm of the Reef Kyte Rider
Mantle of the Reef Kyte Rider
Glaive of the Reef Kyte Rider
Shield of the Reef Kyte Rider
Fintail Reef Kyte

This set is awarded to players who finished the final quest of the Path of the Wave Breaker quest line, from The International 2017 Battle Pass. An additional upgrade, Reef Kyte Rider Style Unlock is granted to players who complete all objectives on the Path of the Wave Breaker with three stars.

Set Items[edit]


  • A very minor custom ambient effect is bound to the shoulder piece, but not used in-game.
Customization Type Preview Bound to
Original Illustrious
Effect Reef Kyte Rider.gif Reef Kyte Rider Ambient.gif


Style Unlock Items[edit]