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Reef's Edge

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Reef's Edge
Cosmetic icon Reef's Edge.png
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Terrain

Unlock it before The International ends. This item will never be tradeable or purchasable on the marketplace.
Created By
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This terrain was awarded to players who own The International 2017 Battle Pass and leveled it to 150. It comes with the Reef's Edge Loading Screen.


  • Map is located underwater, near the Dark Reef prison.
  • Small bubbles rise from the sea floor as a built-in weather effect.
    • If another Weather effect is equipped, the bubbles will be replaced.

Faction Logos[edit]

Display Radiant icon.png Radiant Dire icon.png Dire
Base Tile Reef's Edge Preview Logo Radiant.png Reef's Edge Preview Logo Dire.png
Banners Reef's Edge Preview Banner Radiant.png Reef's Edge Preview Banner Dire.png


Anemone 1 Anemone 2 Kelp Coral
Reef's Edge Tree Anemone 1 Preview.png Reef's Edge Tree Anemone 2 Preview.png Reef's Edge Tree Kelp Preview.png Reef's Edge Tree Coral Preview.png


Anglerfish Hatchetfish Reef Fish Starfish Seahorse Jellyfish
Reef's Edge Anglerfish Preview.png Reef's Edge Hatchetfish Preview.png Reef's Edge Reef Fish Preview.png Reef's Edge Starfish Preview.png Reef's Edge Seahorse Preview.png Reef's Edge Jellyfish Preview.png
Moray Eel
Reef's Edge Moray Eel Preview.png


Anemone Coral 1 Coral 2 Mine Cell Lamp Chest
Reef's Edge Anemone Preview.png Reef's Edge Coral 1 Preview.png Reef's Edge Coral 2 Preview.png Reef's Edge Mine Preview.png Reef's Edge Cell Preview.png Reef's Edge Lamp Preview.png Reef's Edge Chest Preview.png
Giant Clam Mussel Shell Goose Barnacle Barnacle
Reef's Edge Giant Clam Preview.png Reef's Edge Mussel Preview.png Reef's Edge Shell Preview.png Reef's Edge Goose Barnacle Preview.png Reef's Edge Barnacle Preview.png
Naga Gazebo (Radiant) Naga Monument (Radiant) Naga Statue (Radiant) Cuttlefish Statue (Dire)
Reef's Edge Naga Gazebo Preview.png Reef's Edge Naga Monument Preview.png Reef's Edge Naga Statue Preview.png Reef's Edge Cuttlefish Statue Preview.png


Critera Sounds


Weather Harvest
Weather Moonbeam
Weather Pestilence
Weather Rain
Weather Snow
Weather Sirocco
Weather Aurora
Weather Spring
Weather Ash
Game Map


Reef's Edge
Associated with

Reef's Edge is an underwater environment, likely situated at the edge of Dark Reef prison.

  • Several structures on the Radiant icon.png Radiant side are named "Naga City" in the game files, suggesting that a Naga settlement is located next to the prison.
  • Statues of an octopus-like being can be seen on the Dire icon.png Dire side, possibly depicting Maelrawn.