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For the cosmetic item equipped by Axe, see Reaver (Equipment).
Item   Changelogs  
Reaver icon.png
A massive axe capable of tearing whole mountains down.
Bought From
Secret Shop
Bonus +25 Strength
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Heart of Tarrasque (5200)
Satanic (5700)
UsedIn2.pngReaver (3000)

The Reaver is an item purchasable at the Secret Shop.

Additional information[edit]


  • According to the comic Are We Heroes Yet?, this item's full name is Reaver's Axe.[1]
  • In the original DotA, this item was named Messerschmidt's Reaver,[2] a reference to the unique items of the same name from Diablo I & II.
  • According to the Axe weapon, Reaver was forged in volcanic fire.[3]
  • Reaver is featured in the Dota 2 Gamescom Trailer as an item for "strong" heroes possessing "the might to overpower any foe".