Realm of Chaos Pass

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Realm of Chaos Pass
Cosmetic icon Realm of Chaos Pass.png
Rarity: Common

This pass activates premium content in the Realm of Chaos custom game and supports the creators of this custom game.

100% of the game's content will remain available to free tier players. Premium players just receive these quality of life benefits and support the game's development. Expires 30 days after purchase.


This pass activates premium content for the Realm of Chaos custom game. It will expire thirty days after purchase.

Content Upgrades[edit]

  • Gold UI Frame and Personal Title
  • Expand player's backpack from 36 to 54
  • Unlocks achievement system on player's account
  • Saint Area opens without a key
  • Every State mastered gives 3x Upgrade Protection Stone and 1x Injection Protection Stone.
  • Player resurrection time decreased by 5 seconds
  • Players receive 1x Demon Wolf Pellet at the start of the game
  • New skill animations, icons and effects
  • New function to see loot lists when you click on a creep or boss
  • New mode: GM's Dedication, summons a Game Master to defend your base for you while you freely roam the map and enjoy the game's content. Once enabled, you will not be able to join the speed-rank board.
  • Blessing Tree offering the following Boosters for all players:
    • Virtue Booster; virtue earned per monster killed increased by 100% (Stacks with other Pass owners)
    • Gold Booster; gold earned per monster killed is increased by 100% (Stacks with other Pass owners)
    • Upgrade Booster; increases upgrade success rate by 5% (Each additional Pass owner increases this by 1%)
    • Experience Booster; experience earned per monster is increased by 100% (Stacks with other Pass owners)