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Razzil's Midas Knuckles

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Razzil's Midas Knuckles
Cosmetic icon Razzil's Midas Knuckles.png
Alchemist icon.png
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Arms

Midas has long been considered Alchemy's most successful practitioner. Seeking to address the incredible costs of war, he developed a series of gauntlet prototypes to be worn by revered knights of the kingdom, which were capable of minting coin with every strike.
Created By
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Editions unboxed from Imbued Lockless Luckvase 2015 come in Genuine quality. This item is identical to Midas Knuckles. It is not known whether this was intentional.


Customization Type Preview
Ambient Effect
Greevil's Greed Effect
(Last Hit)

Ability Icons[edit]

Greevil's Greed
Razzil's Midas Knuckles Greevil's Greed icon.png