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RaidCall EMS One Season 1 - Cup 4

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Cup 4

RaidCall EMS One Season 1 - Cup 4
Raidcall ems one logo.jpg
Start Date:11 March 2013
End Date:12 March 2013
Prize Pool:$1,000 USD


Invited Teams

Qualified Teams

  • Poland Down Them All
  • Europe EYES ON U
  • Bulgaria FULL COUNTER X
  • Sweden Freeway2
  • Greece Imba Battlenet

  • Greece iQ
  • Romania Kaipi
  • Finland rat in the dark
  • Russia RoX.KIS
  • Sweden TCM Gaming

  • Germany Team Gillette
  • Romania We Still Got It
  • Germany wild 4 sports

Note: Ukraine Natus Vincere did not play and was replaced by two teams from the A-Series.


EpiCommentary portrait.png
Christian Czech
Origin: Germany Germany
Language: United Kingdom English
Web page
Blank portrait.png
Jarrett Robinson
Origin: United States United States
Language: United Kingdom English
TobiWanKenobi portrait.png
Toby Dawson
Origin: Australia Australia
Language: United Kingdom English
Web page



Team Placement[edit]

Knockout Stage[edit]

  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Sweden No Tidehunter
  Sweden No Tidehunter 1
  Ukraine Aurochs 0
  Germany Team Gillette 0
  Ukraine Aurochs 1
  Sweden No Tidehunter 1
  Romania Kaipi 0
  Denmark aL.main 1
  Poland Down Them All 0
  Denmark aL.main 0
  Romania Kaipi 1
  Sweden Freeway2 0
  Romania Kaipi 1
  Sweden No Tidehunter 1
  Russia RoX.KIS 0
  France dd
  France dd 1
  Romania We Still Got It 0
  Romania We Still Got It 1
  Poland Adversa eSports 0
  France dd 0
  Russia RoX.KIS 1
  Russia RoX.KIS 1
  Greece iQ 0
  Russia RoX.KIS 1
  Russia Team Empire 0
  Russia Team Empire
  Sweden No Tidehunter 2
  Russia Virtus Pro 1
  Europe Fnatic.eu
  Europe Fnatic.eu 1
  Sweden 4 Friends + Chrillee 0
  Bulgaria FULL COUNTER X 0

  Sweden 4 Friends + Chrillee 1
  Europe Fnatic.eu 1
  Germany Mousesports 0
  Sweden TCM Gaming 1
  Germany wild 4 sports 0
  Sweden TCM Gaming 0
  Germany Mousesports 1
  Germany Mousesports
  Europe Fnatic.eu 0
  Russia Virtus Pro 1
  Denmark Team 3DMAX
  Denmark Team 3DMAX 1
  Finland rat in the dark 0
  Romania Colina cu Brusturi 0
  Finland rat in the dark 1
  Denmark Team 3DMAX 0
  Russia Virtus Pro 1
  Europe EYES ON U 1
  Greece Imba Battlenet 0
  Europe EYES ON U 0
  Russia Virtus Pro 1
  Russia Virtus Pro

Prize Allocation[edit]

Prize Allocation
Place Team Winnings
A22nd Russia Virtus Pro $200 USD
A33rd Europe Fnatic.eu $100 USD
A33rd Russia RoX.KIS $100 USD