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Not to be confused with an item's Rarity.

Quality is a property of cosmetic items. It is represented in-game by the item's prefix and name color.

Quality is a purely cosmetic property, and has no effect on gameplay.

General Information[edit]

  • Items have both a quality and a rarity value.
  • Certain qualities can be added or altered by Gems.
  • Only Normal quality items can be acquired through the item drop system.
  • Items with certain qualities cannot be traded or put on the Market.


Quality Color Description Origins Tradeable
Normal #B2B2B2 Default quality. - YesY
Genuine #4D7455 Promotional quality. Valve Store, Tournament Bundles, various YesY
Elder #476291 Limited quality. Formerly known as Vintage. Presents, various YesY
Unusual #8650AC Adds special particle effects. Only available on custom couriers. Treasures (1-2% chance),
Self-Made #70B04A Items made by its owner. Given to Workshop artists who have created items approved by Valve. NoN
Inscribed #CF6A32 Tracks various in-game stats. Treasures, various,
Cursed #8650AC Commemorative quality for Diretide 2013 YesY
Heroic #8650AC Records special in-game events during Professional games. Formerly known as Tournament. Random drop from the Crafting List while spectating tournament games with over 100 other spectators. YesY
Favored #FFFF00 Given to Pro players based on fan votes. Contains "Earned by fans" in description. Winning the Team Cup during The International 2013. Pro players only. NoN
Ascendant #EB4B4B Socketed with an Ascendant Gem. NoN
Autographed #ADE55C Socketed with an Autograph Rune. Contains digital signature of autographer. YesY
Legacy #FFFFFF Legacy colored couriers. Unusual Couriers that were unboxed very early on and were a random, unique color were given this quality, along with a Prismatic:Legacy gem. YesY
Exalted #CCCCCC Limited "First Edition" quality. Purchasing the item from the Dota 2 Store during a period of time following its release. YesY
Frozen #4682B4 Commemorative quality for Frostivus 2013. YesY
Corrupted #A52A2A Commemorative quality for Frostivus 2013. YesY
Auspicious #32CD32 Commemorative quality for New Bloom 2014. YesY
Infused #8847FF Items with upgraded ambient effects. Infusers YesY
Completed #8650AC Not used. - -
Valve #A50F79 Not used. - -
Community #70B04A Not used. - -
Standard #D2D2D2 Not used. - -
Customized #00FF00 Not used. - -


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Some Gems will change the quality of an item. In the event of a conflict with an item's existing quality, a priority is followed. Higher priority qualities take precedence.

Example 1: Socketing an Inscribed item with an Autograph Rune will change the item's quality to Autographed.
Example 2: Socketing a Genuine item with an Autograph Rune will not change the item's quality.

Quality Priority
Genuine, Elder, Self-Made, Exalted, Heroic, Auspicious, Frozen, Cursed, Infused, Legacy, Favored 1
Unusual 2
Corrupted 3
Autographed 4
Ascendant 5
Inscribed 6
Normal -


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