Earthshaker's Totem

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Earthshaker's Totem
Pudge Wars Earthshaker's Totem icon.png
Wielding the Earthshaker's totem, Pudge is able to place barriers which deflect hooks.
Bought From
Active Place Barrier
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Earthshaker's Totem (400)

Place Barrier
Allows Pudge to place a barrier that blocks incoming hooks. The health of the barrier increases at each level.
Cast Range: 1200
Barrier Health: 750/900/1050/1200/1350
Barrier Size: ?
Barrier Duration: Permanent
Max Level Bonus: Gives Pudge ability to throw Fissure.
Cooldown: 40


  • The barrier is always placed horizontally in front of Pudge.
  • The barrier deflects hooks like how the map borders do, but also takes full damage from it if it is an enemy hook.
  • Grappling hooks are not deflected.