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Phased is a status that allows units to pass through other units, ignoring collision size. Phased units can freely walk through any other unit, including wards, but excluding buildings. Other units can also walk through a stationary phased unit as if it is not there.

There are two different kinds of phased movement, the more common kind which only allows pathing through units, and the rare kind which allows the unit to walk through anything, including buildings, cliffs and trees. The latter is more commonly referred to as unobstructed movement. Flying movement is similar to phased movement, with only very small differences, one being that flying units hover a certain distance above the ground.

Sources of regular Phase[edit]

These abilities provide phased movement which allows moving through units.

1 Shadow Fiend becomes phased during the cast time of Requiem of Souls.

Permanently Phased[edit]

The following units are permanently phased:

Sources of unobstructed movement[edit]

These abilities allow affected units to path through buildings, cliffs and trees, on top of allowing them to path through other units. Besides these, all sources of flying give units unobstructed movement.

1 Requires Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter

2 Requires Talent talent.

3 Illusions created by these abilities have unobstructed pathing.