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Pauldron of the Fiend Cleaver

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Pauldron of the Fiend Cleaver
Cosmetic icon Pauldron of the Fiend Cleaver.png
Sven icon.png
Rarity: Rare
Slot: Shoulder

Includes ability icon.
The Fiend Cleaver
Gauntlet of the Fiend Cleaver
Belt of the Fiend Cleaver
Blade of the Fiend Cleaver
Pauldron of the Fiend Cleaver
Drape of a Fiend Cleaver
Helm of the Fiend Cleaver
The Fiend Cleaver Loading Screen

Set items received from Treasure of the Rotted Gallows are not tradable or marketable for three months after its release (until February 1, 2015).


Hero Portrait[edit]

Customization Preview
Hero Portrait The Fiend Cleaver Protrait.png

Ability Icons[edit]

Customization Preview
Warcry The Fiend Cleaver Warcry.png

Set Items[edit]