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PGL Open Bucharest

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PGL Open small.png PGL Open Bucharest
PGL Open Bucharest.png
Romania Bucharest
Start Date: 19 October 2017
End Date: 21 October 2017
Tier: Minor
Teams: 8
Prize Pool: $300,000
Qualifying Points: 300

PGL Open Bucharest is a Minor taking place in Bucharest from October 19th-21st.[1]


  • TBA


Evil Geniuses
Team icon Evil Geniuses.png
Canada Arteezy
Pakistan SumaiL
America UNiVeRsE
Denmark Cr1t-
United States Fear
Direct Invite
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LGD Gaming
Team logo LGD Gaming.png
China Ame
China Maybe
China fy
China Yao
China Victoria
Direct Invite
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Team icon Immortals.png
South Korea MP
South Korea QO
South Korea Forev
South Korea Febby
South Korea DuBu
North America Qualifier
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Team logo Infamous.png
Peru Kotarō Hayama
Argentina Papita
Peru StingeR
Peru Scofield
Peru Accel
South America Qualifier
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Team Secret
Team icon Team Secret.png
Denmark Ace
Malaysia MidOne
Germany Fata
Jordan YapzOr
Estonia Puppey
Europe Qualifier
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Natus Vincere
Team icon Natus Vincere.png
Ukraine Crystallize
Ukraine Dendi
Ukraine GeneRaL
Russia RodjER
Russia SoNNeikO
CIS Qualifier
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Team logo Mineski.png
Malaysia NaNa
Malaysia Mushi
Singapore iceiceice
Philippines Jabz
United States ninjaboogie
SEA Qualifier
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Team icon Vici Gaming J.png
China Sylar
China ghost
China Yang
China Fade
China ayo
China Qualifier
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1 Team icon Digital Chaos.SA.png Digital Chaos.SA disbanded and were replaced by Team icon Infamous.png Infamous.


Group A[edit]

  Round 1 Round 2
Winner's bracket
  Team icon LGD Gaming.png LGD Gaming
  Team icon Infamous.png Infamous
  Team icon Team Secret.png Team Secret
  Team icon Immortals.png Immortals
Loser's bracket

Group B[edit]

  Round 1 Round 2
Winner's bracket
  Team icon Evil Geniuses.png Evil Geniuses
  Team icon Vici Gaming J.png VGJ.Thunder
  Team icon Natus Vincere.png Natus Vincere
  Team icon Mineski.png Mineski
Loser's bracket

Prize Allocation[edit]

Final Prize Pool: $300,000 USD, 300 Points
Place Team Points Winnings Percent
A11st  TBD 150 $130,000 43.33%
A22nd  TBD 90 $65,000 21.67%
A33rd - 4th  TBD 30 $30,000 10%
A33rd - 4th  TBD 30 $30,000 10%
A55th - 6th  TBD $15,000 5%
A55th - 6th  TBD $15,000 5%
A77th - 8th  TBD $7,500 2.5%
A77th - 8th  TBD $7,500 2.5%