Orb of Deliverance

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Orb of Deliverance
Cosmetic icon Orb of Deliverance.png
Disruptor icon.png
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Weapon

His search led deep into the earth, down into ruins undisturbed by surface dwellers for millennia. Every scrap of evidence he'd found told him a greater, far older civilization had preceded those whose technologies he had already pilfered. But there were reasons no surface dwellers had come this far in ages, and Disruptor would need to modify his equipment with secrets found along the way just to ensure he might continue a bit further.


  • The item's custom animation entry refers to its own model's rotating animation, not to Disruptor's model, which has no new animations.
Customization Type Preview
Ambient Effect
Thunder Strike Effect

Ability icon[edit]

Thunder Strike
Orb of Deliverance Thunder Strike icon.png