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Cosmetic icon Onibi.png
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Courier

A solitary willow sprite may conjure simple tricks of light and sound. When many share form or purpose, greater feats and terrors abound.

This courier for The International 2016 can be upgraded with 21 different Onibi Upgrade Style items. Upgrades unlock different accessories, colors, and particle effects.
Created By
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This courier came with The International 2016 Battle Pass. Additional styles unlock items can be obtained by leveling up the Battle Pass.


Style Unlock Item Preview Battle Pass
Default Onibi Preview.png 1
Onibi Style 01 Preview.png 5
Onibi Style 02 Preview.png 12
Onibi Style 03 Preview.png 18
Onibi Style 04 Preview.png 30
Onibi Style 05 Preview.png 40
Onibi Style 06 Preview.png 62
Onibi Style 07 Preview.png 74
Onibi Style 08 Preview.png 101
Onibi Style 09 Preview.png 116
Onibi Style 10 Preview.png 134
Onibi Style 11 Preview.png 185
Onibi Style 12 Preview.png 205
Onibi Style 13 Preview.png 255
Onibi Style 14 Preview.png 285
Onibi Style 15 Preview.png 315
Onibi Style 16 Preview.png 525
Onibi Style 17 Preview.png 625
Onibi Style 18 Preview.png 725
Onibi Style 19 Preview.png 825
Onibi Style 20 Preview.png 925
Onibi Style 21 Preview.png 2000


  • Onibi is a wisp-like spirit in Japanese folklore. It translates to "ghost fire".