October 24, 2016 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Fixed Shadow Demon minimap icon.png Shadow Demon being able to Demonic Purge dead units.
  • Fixed Undying minimap icon.png Undying being able to Soul Rip dead Tombstones.
  • Added an option to hide the overhead status display.
  • The overhead status display is now 10% smaller.
  • Fixed a bug where the overhead status display overlapped the hp bar for spectators in some cases.
  • Added an option to hide damage numbers.
  • Incoming damage numbers are not shown in some cases to avoid giving away information, for example during Necrophos minimap icon.png Necrophos' Heartstopper Aura when Necrophos is not visible, and during Ion Shell when the shell source is not visible.
  • Added a visually unique hp bar treatment for your hero.
  • Added two console commands:
    • dota_hud_disable_damage_numbers <true/false>
    • dota_hud_healthbar_disable_status_display <true/false>
  • The experience and net worth graph in the end game UI now has a labelled time line.