October 22, 2018 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Added an encrypted OpenAI Depot.
  • On the backend, the league system appears to have been overhauled. League data is no longer stored clientside, and is instead dynamically downloaded (along with images and prizepool information). It's a pretty substantial overhaul to the system, with most legacy support for the old system removed. Description / Localisation however still appears to be client-side.
  • Minor changes to how the game identifies the "event ID" for the current lobby.


  • Added support for different league image styles (on the Tournaments tab).
  • Removed the Single Elimination Bracket. (Double Elimination appears to cover this feature now.)
  • Removed 3000 tournament logo images for all individual tournaments. These are now downloaded as needed.
  • The demo VR spectating game now uses the default icon to represent the game.