Octarine Core

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Octarine Core
Octarine Core icon.png
At the core of spellcraft are spectrums only the very gifted can sense.
Bought From
Passive Cooldown Reduction, Spell Lifesteal
Bonus +25 Intelligence
+425 Health
+425 Mana
Disassemble? Yes
Alert allies? No
Octarine Core (5900)Components2.png
Mystic Staff (2700)
Soul Booster (3200)

The Octarine Core is an item listed at the Main Shop, under Caster. However, it is assembled entirely with items from the Secret Shop.

Additional information[edit]


Cooldown Reduction
Can be used by illusions. Pierces spell immunity.
Reduces the cooldown time of all spells and items by 25%.
Cooldown Reduction: 25%


  • Cooldown Reduction of multiple Octarine Cores does not stack.
  • Reduces the cooldown of active, passive and item abilities as well as the replenish time of charge-based abilities.
  • The cooldown reduction is not updated dynamically. Only abilities cast while having Octarine Core get their cooldowns reduced.
  • Visually reduces the cooldown of Tranquil Boots (Active) icon.png Tranquil Boots, but does not affect it.
  • When using Guardian Greaves icon.png Guardian Greaves's Mend while having Octarine Core, its heal restriction timer is reduced by 10 seconds, too.

Spell Lifesteal
Can be used by illusions. Pierces spell immunity.
25% of spell damage dealt to enemy heroes is returned to the caster as health, regardless of spell damage type.

Lifesteal reduced to 5% against creeps.
Hero Spell Lifesteal: 25%
Creep Spell Lifesteal: 5%


  • Spell Lifesteal of multiple Octarine Cores does not stack.
  • Heals from any spell damage the owner deals (with a few exceptions) against enemy or allied units.
  • Heals from all three damage types and from many instantly killing effects.
  • In order for it to heal, the damage source must be the owner. Damage done by its summons (including wards) does not heal.

Spell Lifesteal[edit]

Main Article: Spell Lifesteal

Recommended heroes[edit]

Heroes whose default item build includes Octarine Core as a core or a situational item

Strength: Alchemist Alchemist, Bristleback Bristleback,Earthshaker Earthshaker, Timbersaw Timbersaw.

Agility: Venomancer Venomancer, Naga Siren Naga Siren.

Intelligence: Invoker Invoker, Leshrac Leshrac, Outworld Devourer Outworld Devourer, Death Prophet Death Prophet, Lina Lina, Queen of Pain Queen of Pain.


  • If you ever find yourself with a tanky hero with Radiance (Active) icon.png Radiance and don't know what else to build, don't hesitate to get Octarine Core, since it greatly boosts your health.


  • Octarine is a fictional color in the comic fantasy book series Discworld, written by the late Terry Pratchett, who died just before Octarine Core was released. The color is described as "resembling a flourescent greenish-yellow purple" and can only be seen by wizards and cats.
  • The components of Octarine Core are the same as the components of the pre-6.60 Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter.