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Nullifier icon.png
A dangerous weapon pilfered from an inverse dimension.
Bought From
Active Nullify
Bonus +5 Health regeneration
+5 Armor
+65 Attack damage
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Nullifier (4700)Components2.png
Helm of Iron Will (900)
Sacred Relic (3800)

The Nullifier is an item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Caster. However, it requires an item from the Secret Shop to be completed.


Dispels the target and mutes them for 5 seconds. Anytime the muted target is attacked, it will be slowed by 100% for 0.4 seconds.
Cast Range: 600
Movement Speed Slow: 100%
Slow Duration: 0.4
Duration: 5
Cooldown: 13
Mana: 75
Debuff Nullifier Mute: Dispellable with any dispel.
Debuff Nullifier Slow: Dispellable with any dispel.


  • The projectile travels at a speed of 750.
  • The slow immediately triggers on the target upon projectile hit as well, so that it gets slowed on hit.
    • When the target already has the Nullify debuff, refreshing it with a new cast does not trigger the slow.
  • After that, the slow triggers on every successful attack hitting the target. This means missed attacks do not trigger it.
    • The slow does not trigger when the target turns ethereal before attack projectiles hit it.
  • The slow has no trigger cooldown, so that the target can get slowed for the whole duration if it gets hit by attacks at most every 0.4 seconds.
  • Can be cast on invulnerable units, applying the dispel and the debuff if the invulnerability can be dispelled.
    • However, if the invulnerability cannot be dispelled, the debuff cannot be applied, but can be refreshed, if already debuffed.

Recommended heroes[edit]

Bloodseeker icon.png


Clinkz icon.png


  • Nullify combined with Strafe will trigger the slow with almost no interruptions.
  • Clinkz's Orchid Malevolence icon.png Orchid Malevolence or Bloodthorn icon.png Bloodthorn will completely shut down targets for a long duration.
Juggernaut icon.png


Night Stalker icon.png

Night Stalker

  • Nullify stacks well with the silence from Crippling Fear, shutting down enemies during ganks.
Phantom Assassin icon.png

Phantom Assassin

Riki icon.png


  • Nullify prevents enemies from protecting themselves with items when Riki silences them with Smoke Screen.
Slark icon.png


  • Slark's fast attack speed keeps Nullified enemies slowed, and makes it harder for targets to escape after Pounce ends.
Troll Warlord icon.png

Troll Warlord

  • Troll Warlord's high attack speed will guarantee many procs of slow on Nullifed enemies.
  • Nullifier disables common counter items against Troll, such as Ghost Scepter icon.png Ghost Scepter or Force Staff icon.png Force Staff.
Arc Warden icon.png

Arc Warden

  • Arc Warden's Arc Warden Tempest Double minimap icon.png Tempest Double can potentially double Nullify's duration, further preventing enemies from activating critical items such as Black King Bar icon.png Black King Bar.
  • Arc Warden's natural high attack speed and low attack damage synergize very well with Nullifier's bonus damage, the Tempest Double also benefits fully from this damage.
  • Arc Warden commonly builds Orchid Malevolence icon.png Orchid Malevolence or Bloodthorn icon.png Bloodthorn, which in conjunction with Nullify, can allow Arc Warden to completely shut down an enemy hero.


Items synergy[edit]

  • Orchid Malevolence icon.png Orchid Malevolence's silence synergizes with Nullifier's mute to leave the enemy with nothing but attacks and passive abilities.
  • Necronomicon 1 icon.png Necronomicon's summoned units will trigger Nullifier's slow repeatedly. Necronomicon Archer can slow the target further with purge.
  • Mask of Madness icon.png Mask of Madness's high attack speed will trigger the slow more often.